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Dental Health Advice: How Teeth Can Affect the Entire BodyRecently, more information has been coming to light about how getting proper dental health advice can be critical to maintaining health throughout your body. There are at least two conditions that are now known to be linked to oral health: heart disease and diabetes.

  • Heart Disease: Although it is not yet completely understood why, it is believed that there is a link between periodontitus and heart disease. It has been found that about 90% of those that have heart disease also have periodontitis. It is possible that when inflammation occurs in the mouth, it causes inflammation in other areas such as blood vessels. When this inflammation reduces blood flow, it makes the heart work harder and raises your blood pressure.
  • Diabetes: The link between diabetes and periodontal disease goes both ways. Not only can periodontitis complicate diabetes, but diabetes can also increase dental issues. Inflammation in the mouth affects how the body controls blood sugar and how it uses insulin. Having high blood sugar makes it easier for infections to grow.

There are also other concerns, which is why those who provide dental health advice will often ask about health conditions during an office visit. For example, if you are pregnant, you may be at a higher risk of premature labor when you are dealing with a dental infection. Additionally, since bacteria can aggravate arthritis, it is important to follow dental health advice if you suffer from arthritis.

Generally speaking, bacteria from the mouth can end up just about anywhere in your body resulting in various illnesses. If you suffer from respiratory problems, for example, it might be wise for you to visit us more regularly and follow any dental health advice we offer.


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