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At Northside Family Dental, we are more than happy to discuss the various dental implant restoration options, we have available!

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Implant Restorations in Lakeland– One of the problems with many different types of tooth replacement options is that they sometimes don’t look or feel natural. At Northside Family Dental, we recommend that all of our patients who are self-conscious about the look of their smile due to missing or decaying teeth consider implant restorations.

Dental implants are a natural-looking and extraordinary solution that can drastically improve the look of your smile. If you are interested in implant restorations in Lakeland FL, it is important that you discuss the option fully with a dental professional. Oftentimes, your health is a contributing factor in whether or not the implant surgery will be successful or not. Different illnesses, such as leukemia and diabetes, or the use of tobacco may slow down the healing process after dental implant surgery.

At Northside Family Dental, we are more than happy to discuss the various options open to you if you are interested in restoring the look of your smile. Whether it is with dentures, implants, crowns & bridges, or dental fillings, making you happy with your smile is our first priority.

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FAQs About Implant Restorations

At Northside Family Dental, one of the many services we provide for our patients is implant restorations to renew their teeth and make daily activities like eating, speaking, and smiling comfortable again. We understand that implant restorations can be intimidating if you don’t fully understand them, and we want you to feel confident about your choice and prepared for the procedure if you choose this option. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the common questions we get asked about them.

Are implant restorations permanent?

Dental implants are designed with longevity in mind, and with proper care, they can last many years or even a lifetime.

How are dental implant restorations different from other options like dentures or bridges?

Implant restorations are anchored to the jawbone, which means they generally offer better stability and durability when compared to removable options like dentures. They also don’t rely on neighboring teeth to support the crown, whereas traditional bridges do require support from neighboring teeth.

How long does the implant restoration process take?

The full process can take several months. The first step is a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, followed by any necessary preparatory procedures such as bone grafts or sinus lifts to ensure there is enough jawbone for implant placement. These preparatory procedures may require a few weeks or months to heal. Then, the implant post is surgically placed into the jawbone, and healing generally takes a few months. It also takes several weeks or months to attach the abutment, custom make the crown, and attach the abutment and crown to the implant post. Your specific timeline will depend on your recovery time after each procedure.

Can anyone get implant restorations?

While many people are suitable candidates, you will need to be evaluated by a dentist to determine if you have the right jawbone density and if your oral health is good enough to support an implant.

Can implant restorations restore multiple teeth?

Yes, patients can have multiple implants placed, as long as their dentist determines that their oral health and jawbone structure are able to support more than one implant.