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Your children will feel comfortable receiving family dental care from our friendly and caring staff members.

Family Dentistry in Lakeland FloridaIf you are a parent and are looking for a dentist to whom you can bring your whole family, then look no further! Your children will feel comfortable receiving family dental care from our friendly and caring staff members, who will help them develop a healthy attitude about going to the dentist.

Before you bring in your child to receive dental care from us at Northside Family Dental, there are several things that you as a parent can do to prepare him or her. First, make the appointment during a time of a day that your child will be awake, happy, and well-rested. If your child generally takes a nap during their scheduled appointment time, they may not be willing to cooperate with the dentist and hygienists at our office. We are willing to come up with a convenient appointment time for you that will work well with your child’s schedule.

The Perks of Seeing a Family Dentist

Our family dentistry office serves patients of all ages throughout the Lakeland, Florida area with all kinds of dental needs. If you haven’t found a family dentistry office you want to bring your family to, here are a few reasons why you should choose our location:

  1. Patients of all ages are welcome — Getting everyone in your family to a dental checkup and cleaning every six months may feel like a monumental task. Simplify your life and routine by bringing everyone in your family to our office. We offer flexible appointment times to meet all your scheduling needs!
  2. We use innovative dental practices — The dental industry changes constantly and new practices consistently come into use. We stay on top of these advancements in dental practice and technology to provide you with the best service possible.
  3. Patient comfort is our primary priority — We realize that for many people, going to the dentist is an intimidating experience. At our family dentistry office, we strive to make our processes and procedures as comfortable and painless as possible.
  4. We focus on patient education – If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to bring them to us.

Overall, our kind, caring staff is dedicated to meeting the ever-changing dental needs of your entire family. To schedule a dental appointment or to find out more about our dental services, reach out to our office today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Secondly, when you are talking about visiting the dentist with your child, be positive. For example, tell your young child that the dentist caring for them will use special tools to work on their mouth. And lastly, listen to your child about any fears they are having about visiting the dentist.

If your child is scared about a visit to the dentist, we promise that our family dentistry service will work with you to obtain the best treatment and results.  As a family dentistry practice serving the Lakeland, Florida area, our staff is dedicated to the dental needs of your entire family.

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