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You don’t have to live with a toothache! Contact us to get rid of it, once and for all.

The poet Robert Burns wrote the following, titled “Address to the Tooth-Ache.”

My curse upon your venom’d stang

That shoots my tortur’d gums alang

And thro’ my lugs gies mony a twang,

Wi’ gnawing vengeance;

Tearing my nerves wi’ bitter pang,

Like racking engines!

Young Woman with a ToothacheWhile the words from this 1700’s poem may be old-fashioned, the sentiment is timeless. Toothaches are no fun. In fact, they can be downright awful. People in Lakeland, Florida may be quick to see a doctor for aches and pains, but often ignore toothaches for far too long. If consistent pain lasts longer than 2 days, consider making an appointment with Northside Family Dental. We have been treating toothaches for a long time and will help you find and eliminate the root of the pain. Our professional and friendly staff will put your mind at ease and provide you with the best possible treatment.

In order to ease the pain, it is important to first figure out why it exists. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing a toothache. You may have an abscessed or fractured tooth, a damaged filling or excessive tooth decay. It may be as simple as grinding your teeth when you sleep or because you are stressed.

One of our dentists will ask about your medical history, as well as some questions about the toothache itself to better understand how to treat you. How long has the pain been going on? How severe is it? What makes it worse or helps to alleviate the pain? You may need x-rays to help identify where the ache is stemming from. After a thorough checkup, we will be able to decide the best course of action. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get you back to a life without “tortured gums” and “gnawing vengeance.” Don’t delay– your teeth will be grateful!

FAQs About Toothache Treatments

It is safe to say that, at Northside Family Dental, we get a lot of questions about a wide variety of dental concerns. Whether you have no symptoms at all or you have a severe toothache or something in between, we want you to feel completely comfortable with reaching out to us for answers to any questions you might have. Here are a few toothache-related questions that we have had patients ask us in the past.

My toothache isn’t that bad. Can I wait to get it taken care of?
We understand that it can be tempting to power through discomfort rather than get it resolved, but any pain or discomfort is telling you that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. In the case of a toothache, a mild symptom still means there is an issue, and the sooner you take care of it, the less chance it will progress to something really painful and more complex to resolve. Proper care could make a difference between saving a tooth and losing it.
Is the cause for a toothache always a cavity?
The most common cause for a toothache is a cavity, but that is not always the case. It could also be an abscessed tooth, an infection, or impacted molars to blame. You could also just have sensitive teeth. In addition, it might not even be your teeth at all. The pain could be actually a sinus infection or a jaw issue.
Is there anything I can do for my toothache until I can get in to see you?
There are a few self-treatment options that can help you temporarily, including rinsing your mouth with warm water, using a saltwater or hydrogen peroxide rinse, or taking a pain reliever.

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