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Toothache, Gibsonia, FL

We want to help you get rid of that toothache!

Toothache in Gibsonia, Florida

A toothache can be very painful and is something that no one should need to endure. If you are suffering from a toothache here in the Gibsonia, Florida area, we at Northside Family Dental would like to help get to the root cause of your pain and take care of the problem. We are experts in teeth, gums and underlying conditions and want to ease your pain and address the issue that might be causing it.

While a toothache is frequently caused by a cavity that has not been addressed, that is not always the case. There are times when a toothache is caused by impacted teeth or even problems with a nerve or your sinuses. Sometimes something like grinding your teeth subconsciously can cause aching teeth. Whatever the cause, when you are experiencing a toothache, please do not expect it to resolve itself. Toothaches often only get worse and can even cause other problems if not resolved quickly, particularly if infection is involved.

When you come to our dental office with a toothache, we are determined to get to the root of what is causing your pain. We always take a thorough medical history to ensure that we do not overlook or mistake your toothache for something else. We are able to take detailed x-rays of your teeth and do a physical examination of the area to determine what is wrong. Once we have figured out the source of the toothache, we will work with you to repair the issue and restore your mouth to a pain-free space.

If you have been struggling with a toothache, please don’t wait! Our team of dental experts is standing at the ready to help you. We offer a 10% discount for new patients, so please come talk with us today.

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