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At Northside Family Dental, we make fixing our patients’ smiles our top priority. Sometimes that requires having a dental implant consultation before you consider dental implants!

Dental Implant Consultations, Lakeland, Florida

Due to injury, decay, or the effects of aging, you may find that your teeth are not as strong as they once were and that there are several missing teeth in your mouth. At Northside Family Dental, we make fixing our patients’ smiles our top priority. Whether it is with dentures, dental fillings, crowns & bridges, or implant restorations, we do it all.

We recommend that our patients consider having a dental implant consultation before they consider dental implants to restore missing teeth. Here are some advantages of dental implants:

  • Dental implants give you the feel and look of your natural teeth.
  • Dental implants allow you to eat and speak freely without restrictions.
  • Dental implants are extremely comfortable.
  • Dental implants are durable, and you can expect them to last for several years.
  • Dental implants can improve your oral health.

Many of our patients are hesitant about dental implants because they are unsure whether the procedure will be successful. However, dental implants are a dental procedure that has a success rate of 98 percent.  With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on a procedure that won’t get you a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile.

If you live in the Lakeland, Florida area, be sure to go to Northside Family Dental for your dental implant consultation. You can be guaranteed that whenever you come in for dental implants, implant restorations, tooth whitening, dental fillings, or just for a general dental checkup, our friendly and caring staff will provide you with a comfortable and positive experience.

For more information on dental implant consultations, contact us today!

Common Myths About Dental Implants

FAQs About Dental Implant Consultations

Whenever there is a relatively new technology, it takes time for the public to learn about it. Even though dental implants have been around for quite a while now, many still do not understand how they work, what is involved in getting them, and the advantages to going this route. At Northside Family Dental, we want you to be completely comfortable with your decision to either move forward with dental implants or go with another solution. That’s why we start the process with dental implant consultations. They are designed to address all your questions and determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Here are a few common questions about dental implant consultations at our dental office that can help you know what to expect.

How long do dental implant consultations take?
Every person is different in this regard because there are many factors involved in assessing your dental situation. Typically, dental implant consultations can take anywhere from 30 minutes to more than an hour.
When should I consider scheduling a dental implant consultation?
Most often, we will already go over the process of a dental implant when we extract a tooth, but if you had one extracted in the past and want to learn about having a dental implant, you can reach out to us at any time. Typically, it takes a few weeks for healing to take place before beginning a dental implant. If it has been a while, we can usually schedule the procedure, although bone grafting may be necessary if it has been a long time since the tooth was extracted.
What type of information can I expect to get during a consultation?
We will answer any questions you have, including what dental implants are, the benefits of them, the process from start to completion, aftercare needed, whether you are a good candidate, what it will cost, and what other options might be available.