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Unusual Dental Health AdviceThe tacos smothered in onions were great last night. But this morning, your breath could down a sumo wrestler. Worse still, it’s going to take up to 24 hours for the odorous offender to leave your bloodstream. What do you do? Well, constant brushing is impossible, so here’s some great dental health advice on how to counter those breath-busting foods … with five other foods!

  1. Apples: Fresh, crisp foods like apples, carrots and firm pears are high in fiber. All that chewing will bump up the production of saliva and create a combination that’s like a scrubbing rinse for the mouth. Sweet dental health advice!
  2. Lemons: Nibble on the rind or suck on a lemon wedge. Hard lemon-flavored candies also work well, and what’s more, they’re portable.
  3. Cinnamon Sticks or Mint Sprigs: Either of these delectably strong flavors will kill the sulfurous scent of garlic and onion. Plus, there’s an essential oil in cinnamon that assassinates a really nasty species of oral bacteria, preventing it from setting up home inside your mouth. Mint or cinnamon sugar-free gum is just as effective.
  4. Parsley: Pleasant, breath-freshening oils are released when you chew on a sprig of parsley. Garnishes of fresh rosemary or basil work well, too.
  5. Yogurt and Berries: If you can’t get through the day without indulging in less-than-breath-friendly foods, eat for prevention – perhaps this is the best piece of dental health advice we can offer. Have a cup of sugar-free, plain yogurt twice a day to lower the level of hydrogen sulfide in your mouth. Berries and other fruits high in Vitamin C like oranges and melons can also help fix stinky breath.


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