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Dental Health Advice

At Northside Family Dental, we take pride in being your local dentist and the family dentist of choice for many families in the community.

Whenever our patients ask for dental health advice, one of our top tips is to stick to the same dentist. Dentistry, like other medical professions, can be more effective when a relationship is built between the medial professional and the patient. Most of us have a medical general practitioner whom we go to for health advice, checkups and consultations. The same method should be applied to your choice of dental office.

We recommend that our patients come in for a dental check-up every 6 months. We enjoy building relationships with our patients over time and learning more about their dental hygiene practices and monitoring their overall dental health.

As your chosen dentist, we take note of your dental condition every time you visit us. Over time, this allows us the opportunity to be more familiar with the state of your dental health as we are able to track and notice any small changes. This information allows us to better dispense dental health advice that is tailored to you. It also is more effective when it comes to preventative care. For instance, we can catch the early stages of gum disease more easily, as we can monitor any changes in the condition of your gums.

Changing dentists means that the monitoring of your dental health is disrupted and any small important changes may be overlooked as there is a lack of dental history for comparison. Hence, once you have found a dentist that you are comfortable with and whom you trust, we recommend sticking with him or her. In the event you need to switch dental offices, remember to request for your dental history so that you can pass on that information to your new dentist.