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Do Your Dentures Need to Be Refitted?

If you rely on your dentures for talking, eating, and making your smile look great, then you know that they serve an important purpose in your daily life. Unfortunately, there is also a possibility that your dentures aren’t doing everything that they could be when they don’t fit like they should. Here are a few indicators that your dentures may need to be refitted so that you can go about your day more comfortably:

  • If your dentures are broken, including having chips and cracks, it’s important to have them refitted so that they perform well.
  • When you eat, if your dentures make it harder instead of easier, then getting them refitted may be a good step. This may include getting food caught in your dentures, having trouble biting into things, or your dentures coming loose while eating.
  • If your dentures are generally uncomfortable to wear or you are developing mouth sores where your dentures rub unnaturally, denture refitting is an essential step.
  • If your dentures feel too loose, too tight, or change the face of your shape when you are wearing them, they also may need to be refitted. Because your dentures should make your face shape look like you, and should fit comfortably, these are important indicators that you should see your dental professional.

At GNorthside Family Dental, we are an experienced dental office and we are equipped to create the dentures that fit well and look great any time you wear them. Contact us today if you have questions about having your dentures refitted or you need to schedule an appointment for a fitting.