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Don’t Wait! Here’s Why You Should Get Dentures SoonWhile our primary goal is preserving good dentition, at times this is not possible.

Does the thought of wearing dentures fill you with fear? Well okay, there are a couple of drawbacks, but the good news is that the benefits outweigh them by a long shot.

The first part of the digestive system is your mouth. If you can’t chew food, then the first component of digestion is missing. The result is improper processing of food and poor absorption of nutrients. Basically, your body cannot function at its best.

If you are missing teeth, especially the upper front ones, your speech will be impaired. For example, to pronounce the ‘T’ in tomato and the ‘S’ in sugar properly, your tongue has to move into specific positions around your front teeth. Well-fitting dentures will restore the correct pronunciation.

If you have a few missing teeth, the remaining ones have to chew more, which leads to wear and tear. They also start drifting towards the empty spaces and eventually become out of line. This can cause early tooth loss. Dentures keep the remaining teeth secure, while also ensuring that the biting force spreads throughout your entire mouth.

If you’re like most people with missing teeth, or no teeth, it’s very likely that your self esteem and confidence are at an all-time low. In fact, you are probably so socially embarrassed that you don’t eat out in public, and you don’t want to smile. Well, dentures will give you a smile that you’ll be proud to show off! See your dentist soon to discuss the possibility of dentures.

You Should Get Dentures Soon

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