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Dental Health Tips for ChildrenThere are important dental health tips to consider even before that very first tooth appears in the mouth of your child. That may seem odd to consider – why in the world would you need to worry about teeth that aren’t even there yet? The answer is that dental health begins with healthy gums. Even before there are teeth involved, taking the time to gently clean your child’s gums after meals will not only keep them healthy, but will also get them accustomed to regular oral health tasks.

Baby teeth are very important because they are placeholders for adult teeth. It is important not to lose them to tooth decay while they are still needed for this task. Although it generally is not necessary to schedule an appointment with us for your child until they are about a year old, there are times when it is a good idea to bring them in earlier. Generally your pediatrician will let you know.

We would be glad to offer you dental health tips regarding your child. We will keep watch for problems, such as changes in your child’s bite, that could be resulting from them sucking too strongly on a pacifier or their thumb.

Things you can do for your child’s dental health include brushing their teeth twice a day. One your child has two teeth next to one another, you can begin flossing. As your child becomes older, be sure to teach them how to brush their own teeth and supervise to be sure it is being done correctly. Avoid sweet and sticky snacks as well as sodas, juices and other acidic and sugar-laden drinks and foods. This could make a huge difference in your child’s dental health, setting the stage for the rest of their life.


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