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Dental Health Tips - Drinks

There are plenty of people who have shifted to diet soda in an attempt to lessen the number of calories they consume. Many think that this is also a good plan for avoiding the problems that the sugar in regular soda can do to their teeth. In fact, many dental health tips in the past even said to switch to diet soda.

The truth, unfortunately, is that heavy consumption of diet soda can also damage your teeth. In fact, the acidic nature of diet soda can lead to the same types of dental complications as those who use certain illegal drugs (namely, crack cocaine and methamphetamine) experience.

Both regular soda and diet soda contain citric acid and phosphoric acid. Without proper care, this acid will eat away at the enamel on your teeth, leading to cavities and weakened teeth. Current dental health tips do warn about both types of soda, but do not say you must completely give up your favorite beverage – at least not for dental health. Instead, they advise that you have some water afterwards to wash away the acid, and be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Other acidic drinks, such as lemonade and sports drinks, can also cause problems. It is important to understand that tooth enamel is not something that your body regenerates – when it is gone, it is gone. Preserving it is the only way to keep it in place.

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