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GettyImages_486487667-Dental Health TipsMojoHealth, an online resource for many health tips and solutions, recently published a YouTube video to provide visitors with a list of 10 Dental Health Tips to keep their teeth healthy and bright.  While some of the care tips may not be for everyone, we wanted to hear what you have to say.  Were these tips helpful?  What dental health tips work best for you?   Are there any you disagree with?

10. Choose the Right Toothbrush- The video mentions there are many types of brushes available.  This includes manual and electric, soft and medium bristle, and children’s sizes.  It may take some time to find the right solution for you; however, dentists will usually recommend soft bristled brushes to preserve your enamel.  It is also important to choose children’s sized toothbrushes for small children to better reach inside their mouth.  The video offered an important reminder to change your brush every 2-3 months.

9. Choose the Right Toothpaste- There are also many toothpaste options available.  Your dentist can help you choose the best solution for your needs, and the video made an important note that natural ingredient toothpastes are available.

8. Brush Correctly- A dentist can help you understand the best tips for brushing correctly.  The video mentions not brushing more than three times a day as this may begin to damage your enamel.  Always remember to brush the back of your mouth to reach all of your teeth.

7. Floss Every Day- It is important to floss every day to reach the spaces between your teeth.  There are many types of flosses for many needs, including waxed and un-waxed.

6. Use All The Tools At Your Disposal- The video suggested the use of additional tools, such as mouthwashes, whiteners, germ-killers, etc.

5. Eat These Foods- A healthy diet can have a significant impact on the quality of your teeth.  The video suggest celery and apples can help to clean the areas between the teeth, much like flossing does.  The video also reminded us to consume calcium rich foods that will strengthen the teeth.

4. Don’t Eat These Foods- The video suggested avoiding foods that are high in sugar and acid that may degrade your enamel.  You can also try to avoid or cut back on foods that stain your teeth.

3. Keep Your Teeth White- The video suggest that carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower will help to keep your teeth bright and that strawberries and oranges will polish the surface.  It is also suggested that you use a straw whenever possible to avoid teeth-staining beverages.

2. Try Some Home Remedies- The video suggests several home remedies for teeth care, including swishing with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water.  We suggest consulting with a dentist before attempting home remedies.

1. See Your Dentist! The video suggest this should be done once every 6 months, and we certainly agree!

For more dental health tips or to better understand dental options that are available to you, contact us at Northside Family Dental today.  Our friendly staff can help you keep or achieve the healthy smile you’ve been hoping for.