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Dentistry Services

If you are planning on becoming pregnant or are pregnant, there are some things you should know about dentistry services that are important. First of all, this is a very important time to stay on top of having good dental health, as carrying a baby can affect your teeth.

The first thing to do is tell your dentist that you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, so any dentistry services that should be done prior to becoming pregnant are taken care of or scheduled for after you deliver. It is advisable to avoid major procedures during pregnancy when possible. Your second trimester is the best time for most dentistry services, since your unborn baby is more vulnerable during the other trimesters. X-rays and sedatives should be avoided, unless there is a situation which makes them absolutely necessary and the risk to the baby is minimized as much as possible.

Be sure to discuss with your dentistry services provider how pregnancy can affect your dental health. Some women experience increased occurrences of gingivitis, gum disease, dry mouth and/or granuloma during pregnancy. If you already have some dental issues, they could become exacerbated during pregnancy, so ideally these conditions should be resolved prior to becoming pregnant if at all possible.

At Northside Family Dental in Lakeland, FL, we are happy to address your concerns or questions about dentistry services while pregnant. We can advise you on the guidelines to follow regarding diet, brushing, and flossing to keep your mouth healthy during this exciting time!