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What Types of Denture Repairs Are Possible?Although dentures are not susceptible to the many of the conditions that your natural teeth could face, there are times when they will need attention from Dr. Laga. Although there are over-the-counter kits for denture repairs, in many cases you will find these not only ineffective, but they can actually make things worse. The best thing to do is make an appointment with us so you can find out what types of denture repairs are possible, and you might just find out it is less of a problem than you thought.

Just as certain activities are bad for natural teeth, they are also a bad idea for dentures. Grinding your teeth or trying to use your dentures to open bottles will damage them. In some cases, we can fix chipped or cracked dentures or perform repair to the denture base. In other cases, however, the set of dentures will need to be replaced.

A common problem with dentures is not how they are used in the mouth, but what happens to them when they have been removed. If they fall on a hard surface, they can break. Sometimes they can be repaired when this happens, but not always.

Denture repairs are also sometimes needed because there has been a change in your mouth. If your gum or jawbone changes, sometimes the dentures will become uncomfortable and may even break. In most cases, you will need new dentures if this happens. We can examine your dentures to let you know if denture repairs are possible.


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