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Dealing with Dentures: 4 Common Reasons for Denture Repair

Getting used to a new set of dentures can take a while. You also may find that after you’ve become accustomed to your dentures, that problems will occur, necessitating denture repairs. Dentures are meant to be strong and durable in order to do the tough job your teeth originally performed, but they can break and will need regular maintenance to help increase their longevity. Here are a few common reasons you might need denture repairs:

  1. Relining: Your dentures are meant to fit your mouth specifically, but over time your gums and soft tissue naturally undergo small changes. This results in the dentures not fitting quite the same. If your dentures aren’t fitting quite right, talk to your dentist about relining.
  2. Fractures or cracks: If dentures continue to be worn when they aren’t fitted well, it can lead to misalignment between the upper and lower set. This might cause your bite to put too much pressure on certain areas, resulting in fractures or cracks that need to be fixed.
  3. Impact fracture: If your dentures slip from your hands when being cleaned, there are multiple spots where they can break. If your dentures have broken after being dropped, have them checked by your dentist before continuing to use them.
  4. Time: Dentures are typically designed to last about ten years. Over those years, dentures can become worn or thin, making them more vulnerable to breaking. Your dentist can add material back to the dentures to adjust the fit, making them more comfortable and durable.

Here at Northside Family Dental, we want you to be comfortable and happy with your smile. If you’re in need of denture repairs, Dr. Laga will gladly listen to your needs, assess your dentures and provide you with a great solution.