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That Toothache Could Wait – But Should It?

A toothache is enough to put a damper on anyone’s day. From zapping your energy to constant pain and even radiating discomfort, toothaches are no fun. Sometimes, it’s okay to see if a toothache might go away, and simply treat with pain medication and some other at-home remedies. Other times, having a toothache is a serious problem and you should see your dentist immediately.

Your teeth serve an important purpose far beyond just the way you look on the outside and having the ability to eat. Your teeth are also indicators of your overall health and can present pain when there is a bigger underlying concern. If you are experiencing a toothache that is persistent and doesn’t seem to respond to the usual at-home treatments, it’s important to call your dentist right away to schedule a checkup.

Toothaches left untreated not only can affect the actual tooth in question, but can also lead to problems with the other surrounding teeth, your gums, cheek, and jaw. You may find yourself dealing with an abscess, one or more loose teeth, and the problems that come with tooth decay. By seeing your dentist right away, you may be able to avoid all these issues and get back to feeling well faster and more efficiently.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine the best course of action when you have a toothache, but seeing your dentist any time your tooth health is in question is critical to your oral hygiene and health. Contact us at Northside Family Dental today if you have a toothache and you need to make a dental appointment.