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 non-serious causes of toothaches

If you’re lucky, it doesn’t happen to you very often, but toothaches are truly a pain to deal with when they do occur. When your tooth hurts, it is telling you through pain that there is something wrong. Some common, short-term, non-serious causes of toothaches can be due to temperature change or extreme temperatures in the foods you eat, especially sticky or pokey foods, or even eating something really sweet. You can get a toothache temporarily from biting something hard, getting a cut in your mouth, or even a mild sinus infection. These types of ache should pass rather quickly on their own.

But unfortunately, the most noticeable toothaches – ones that last for more than a few minutes or even a couple days – are triggered by tooth decay. Frequently, these are caused by insufficient care like tooth brushing and flossing daily. Other possible causes include gum disease from injury or abscess, or other things such as more serious infection or diseases that also need to be addressed by a medical professional. Some people are just unlucky enough to have a genetic predisposition to getting cavities as well.

How do you know if your toothache needs emergency care though? Well, since pain is the signal your body uses, pay attention to the intensity. Another sign of urgent need is that the tooth is loose. This is always a health issue in a normal adult. Persistent sores in your gums, mouth, or near your teeth (such as an abscess which is an infection at the root of your tooth). Your entire mouth could seem it is bleeding and aching, or your jaw might even have swollen. Persistent pain should always be taken seriously and given proper treatment. If you have any of these more serious signs, you should seek help right away. Let us help you get rid of the “ache.” Come in to see us at Northside Family Dental, so we can assess and properly treat your tooth pain, whatever the source!