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There are many things that we know we should do for ourselves to stay healthy and for other benefits, but often we find ourselves placing them on the back burner as something we plan to do “someday.” Keeping up with dental care visits is one of those things, and for many of us, that someday ends up being when we have a toothache that is so bad we can’t chew or talk anymore without being in a lot of pain. Why do so many of us avoid dentists until we have a toothache? There are a number of reasons.

  • Anxiety: Fear of the dentist chair is a common reason for waiting until we have a toothache to see the dentist. Roughly 15% of Americans don’t see a dentist due to anxiety and fear. If this is why you’ve avoiding going to a dentist, know that there are ways to overcome this anxiety. At Northside Family Dental in Lakeland, FL, we are experienced with putting patients at ease through communication, distraction or even medication.
  • Finances: While the ADA was successful at getting pediatric dental care included in the Affordable Care Act, unfortunately adult dental care is not. It is not included in many Medicare and Medicaid plans, either. With over 35% of Americans having no dental coverage, getting routine dental care can be a financial burden for some families. Our advice is to try to get an exam in at least once a year if at all possible, as the higher costs for more advanced dental issues and caring for that toothache later could be avoided.
  • Time: It is sometimes difficult to find the time, and it is easy to forget to take time out for the important things like a dental checkup. Once established with our office, we’ll work hard to remind you when it is time to come in and get an appointment set up that is convenient for you.

Don’t wait to see us until you have a toothache! The most uncomfortable procedures can be avoided with proper preventative care. Talk with us about what’s keeping you from coming in, and perhaps we can help.