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Tooth Whitening Is Not Always as Expensive as You ThinkA smile can command the attention of a crowd or win the heart of a person, yet, unfortunately, all too many people attempt to hide their smiles for fear of showing stained or yellowed teeth. The good news is that, with modern dental tooth whitening options, this fear is no longer necessary.

For anyone seeking tooth whitening, there is some great – and possibly unexpected – news. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t always as expensive as you may think, and sometimes, procedures are even covered by health insurance. With that said, let’s take a look at the various tooth whitening options available.

  • Tray Tooth Whitening: This at-home method utilizes a plastic tray filled with a whitening gel that is spread over your teeth. You’ll need to wear the tray every day for a substantial amount of time for a few weeks while the tooth whitening effects gradually occur.
  • Tooth Whitening Strips: These products offer a pioneering and up-to-the-minute way to perform tooth whitening treatments. This system, which can be bought over the counter, offers similar results as the tray technique without the need to wear the trays, which can often be annoying.

Tooth Whitening

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