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Why You Should Never Miss Your Dental CheckupMost dentists recommend seeing a dentist twice a year for a dental checkup. Most insurance plans will cover a dental cleaning every six months, and going in to see your dentist at regular intervals will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

One of the main reasons to get a regular dental checkup is preventative medicine. This simply means that as you visit your provider regularly, he or she will be able to monitor the health of your teeth. The dentist will be able to identify potential problems and avoid them. Going to your regular checkup means that you will have fewer problems with your teeth overall, and you will be able to avoid diseases and issues.

Your dentist can also help you maintain your teeth better at home. When you meet regularly with a dentist, they can teach you how to care for your teeth with brushing and flossing, and they can let you know if the brushing and flossing you are doing is effective.

Finally, a regular dental checkup means that you will keep your teeth clean. The dentist can clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home. In addition to daily care, a regular “deep cleaning” of your teeth will help keep your mouth healthy.

So, don’t delay! Call and schedule your next cleaning today, so you can ensure your teeth stay healthy. Our staff at Northside Family Dental is ready to help.