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How Often Are Dental Checkups Recommended?Prevention and maintenance are critical for many things in life to avoid problems and increase lifespan. This is every bit as true when it comes to oral health. A dental checkup is as important for your health as an oil change is for your automobile. While everyone knows how often their vehicle’s oil should be changed, many do not know how often to schedule a dental checkup.

The most common belief is that a semi-annual dental checkup is ideal for most people. By seeing your dentist at least twice per year, not only can your teeth be cleaned far better than you can accomplish at home, but it also allows the dentist to find early signs of problems. Taking care of a cavity before it requires a root canal saves you money and discomfort.

There are some instances when we will recommend another schedule. For example, some health conditions and circumstances may make it necessary to have a dental checkup as often as four times per year.

Smokers will often need to have more frequent dental checkups because of the tendency for discoloring and other problems related to smoking. It is also suggested that you visit us more often if you have diabetes, since this disease and oral health are very closely linked. We will also want to see you more often if you currently have ongoing gum disease issues or are more prone to cavities and plaque buildup than normal. If you have a weakened immune response to bacterial infection, you should also schedule a dental checkup more often.

The best thing is to be sure we know about any health concerns you have, so we can best recommend how often you should have a dental checkup.


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