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GettyImages_453660425-Crowns & BridgesFor those who have lost a tooth or are in the process of losing a tooth due to trauma, bacterial infection, etc., you may be confused by some of the options available to you.  You may fear your smile won’t be the same after the tooth is gone, and you may be searching for the best solution.  Here at Northside Family Dental, we want you to feel comfortable in knowing you have made the best selection for your dental health.  That is why we seek to inform every patient about the basics of dental care.

When you hear the term crowns & bridges, do you find yourself confused by the differences?  You may understand that both are a solution for compromised teeth, but you may not know which option is right for you.  Here are the main differences between crowns & bridges:


A crown is used for many reasons, but it is most often used as a solution when a tooth has become irreparably damaged by trauma or bacteria.  If the root is still intact, a crown may be the right solution.  A crown is essentially a cap that fits over your existing tooth after it has been shaped to fit the cap.  A cap provides shape, size, and support for a tooth that has been compromised.


A bridge fills in the gap where a tooth may have been lost or removed.  A bridge can be made of two or more crowns that anchor the area that will cover the missing tooth or teeth.  This means a bridge can offer a support system for your teeth, allowing them to better maintain their shape and function.

For more information on crowns & bridges or to better understand what solution may be right for you, contact your local dentist today.