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Tooth Whitening in Lakeland, FL

It would be difficult to get through a day of television watching without seeing an advertisement extolling the need for bright, white teeth. If you smile in the mirror and realize that your teeth are anything but the brilliant white they show on television, it may make you feel less confident about smiling, laughing or posing for pictures. You might also worry that you have an underlying oral health issue. If you are wondering if not having white teeth is bad, here’s a few things you should know.

White teeth and healthy teeth aren’t the same thing. Someone can have a perfectly white smile but still have less than healthy teeth. No one is given a set of perfectly white teeth. In fact, enamel isn’t naturally white. It has a bluish-white hue. Your teeth can also have a more translucent enamel, which lets the color of the dentin beneath show through. So, having less-than-white teeth may not be a case of stains. Add in the fact that teeth naturally become discolored over time and you can see that having white teeth poses a challenge.

Does this mean you shouldn’t go see your dentist to inquire about teeth whitening? No, because it takes a professional to determine if your teeth could be whiter. It is a mistake to embark on teeth whitening on your own as you can harm your teeth if you take whitening to an extreme trying to accomplish something that might not have anything to do with stains. At the same time, you shouldn’t give up on the idea entirely because the confidence you could gain from white teeth has great value.

If you would like to know if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, give us a call at Northside Family Dental. We will schedule you an appointment for an assessment and go over the options available. We’ll also advise you on how to keep stains away, so you can keep your dazzling smile.