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Having white teeth is an important concern for many people.  From teeth whitening treatments to home whitening kits, there are many ways to improve the brightness of your smile.  However, for as many whitening solutions, there are many habits and foods that may be preventing you from having that continually perfect smile.

Here is a list of five foods that may be hindering your teeth whitening efforts:

  1. Coffee & Tea– One of the worst staining offenders is coffee, especially black coffee.  While a hot cup of coffee every morning may be getting you off to work on time, it may actually be holding your smile back.  Tea is another food to watch out for, as some dentists have suggested its staining powers are worse than coffee.  Brush after drinking these when you can or swish your mouth with water to reduce the staining effects.
  2. GettyImages_453629385-White TeethBerries – Just as berry juice can stain a white shirt, many berries can stain your teeth.  For that matter, most strongly colored foods will have some effect on your teeth’s coloring.  A good rule of thumb: If it could stain your white shirt, then it can probably stain your white teeth.  This most definitely includes wine.
  3. Sauces – You might not believe it, but even some sauces can stain your teeth.  Think of how dark some are, such as soy sauce, and you can bet they are having an impact on your teeth.  Sadly, this even includes ketchup.
  4. Popsicles & Candy – Much like the idea that berries can stain your white shirt, you may notice many candies and sweets that can change the color of your tongue.  Do you notice how blue or red your teeth look after eating some treats?  Well, that likely means they are contributors in lessening your white smile.
  5. Soda – Soda, especially dark colored soda, can have an impact on your teeth.  Try to use a straw or cut back on exposure time by swallowing quickly.

If you can, try to brush your teeth after consuming these foods.  Use a straw when possible. Swish with water if the drink is acidic, such as cola.  You can also chew sugar-free gum to help remove the stains after meals.  For more tips on maintaining white teeth or to have a teeth whitening treatment performed, contact us today.