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helpful preventative dental checkups

Did you know that being afraid of the dentist is one of the most common phobias in this country? Now, here at the dental office of G.R. Sheumaker Jr. DDS, we try not to take that too personally! As much as one quarter of people have some kind of fear of the dentist, but not going to the dentist can lead to cavities or other procedures. So, how do you calm your fears enough to benefit from helpful preventative dental checkups? We have come up with a few ways we hope will help.

  1. Don’t wait. If you are nervous about your dental checkup, make an appointment for first thing in the morning. When you are the first patient, you have the advantage of not fretting in the waiting room while suffering from anxiety.
  2. Invest in really good noise-cancelling headphones- Many people don’t necessarily mind the actual dental work, but hate the sound of the drill or scraping that can occur! There are some really great noise-cancelling headphones out there that can block those noises entirely. You could also ask if your dentist could put on some of your favorite music while he works.
  3. Put on some of your favorite perfume or calming essential oils- Smell is the biggest contributor to our memories, and sometimes just the whiff of antiseptic or fluoride toothpaste can bring back frightened emotions. Putting a dab of a calming essential oil or some perfume, even menthol under your noise, can help you keep those fears at bay.

Are you able to overcome your fears about dental checkups? What tips can you recommend to calm down before a visit to the dentist?