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Teeth whitening

You’re committed to a regular routine of brushing and flossing, but still feel that your smile doesn’t shine like it used to. If so, teeth whitening could be the solution to making your teeth sparkle again.

Here are 3 things to note before you go for teeth whitening:

1. Teeth whitening aims to brighten your teeth.

Do you dream of teeth that are a brilliant white? We all do! However, it’s important to note that your end result may not be the picture-perfect white teeth you see in commercials. The teeth whitening process aims to lighten and brighten your teeth. Typically, your teeth will become a few shades lighter after the teeth whitening session.

How does it work? The bleach that is applied to your teeth breaks down the stain on your teeth, thus making the color less concentrated. The effect is brighter teeth!

2. Teeth whitening does not work on all teeth.

The bleaching process produces best results on yellowed teeth. Teeth which have a brown or grey discoloration may not respond as favorably to teeth whitening. It’s also important to know that teeth whitening does not work on veneers or crowns.

3. You may experience some teeth sensitivity afterwards.

Any chemical treatment done on your teeth and gums may have some side effects, especially if you already have sensitive teeth. However, reassured that any tooth sensitivity is temporary. You may want to switch to toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth to reduce any discomfort.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, get in touch with us at Northside Family Dental for a consultation!