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Why You'll Love Your New Smile After Teeth Whitening

The number one reason most people have their teeth whitened is for the benefit of having whiter teeth. There are many more benefits of professional teeth whitening that we feel are important to highlight.

  • Customized Treatments – An at-home whitening kit cannot be customized to your individual needs. When you have professional teeth whitening done, we can fit the treatment plan to your individual needs.
  • Stronger and Better – Professional teeth whitening can get out the darker and harder to reach stains that an at-home kit cannot. We can give you a more even and whiter smile.
  • Fast – Professional teeth whitening is much faster than other at-home methods. It can be completed in about an hour. At-home methods can take several treatments and still may not get your teeth completely white.
  • Attractive Smile – When you have your teeth professionally whitened, you will have an incredibly beautiful and attractive smile that will give lasting first impressions and attract others to you.
  • Confidence – A whiter smile will help to make you feel more confident. You will probably catch yourself smiling more, too.
  • Good Hygiene – Having whiter teeth gives the appearance to others that you care about your hygiene and health. It gives the appearance that you are successful and that you take the time to take care of yourself.

If you are looking for a way to boost your self-confidence, your appearance, and give yourself another reason to smile throughout the day, then we highly recommend giving us a call at Northside Family Dental in Lakeland, Florida to schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment.