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Dental Fillings, Polk City, FL

Our dental office offers quality dental fillings in a clean & stress free environment!

Dental Fillings, Polk City, Florida

Dental Fillings in Polk City – At Northside Family Dental, we want to keep your smile looking as bright, vibrant, and healthy as possible. When many of our Polk City, Florida patients come in for a dental checkup and take advantage of our family dentist services, we find that some of the enamel on their teeth has begun to wear away. When the enamel on your teeth begins to wear down, the structure of your teeth is threatened with small holes, otherwise known as cavities. However, this problem can be easily remedied with dental fillings.

When you come into our office for dental fillings, one of our denists will remove the portion of your tooth that has started to decay and then “fill” the area with a specialized filling material. After this procedure is done, the patient is free to eat, drink, talk, and go about their daily activities like normal. What we remind many of our patients when they ask us for dental health tips is that tooth decay and dental fillings can be prevented with proper dental hygiene. Remember to floss every day, brush at least 2 or 3 times a day, and use a mouthwash with fluoride as needed.

In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, we also recommend that all of our patients come and see us for a dental checkup every six months. This will help prevent that, besides fillings, more serious tooth reconstructive procedures, such as dental implants, crowns & bridges, and dentures can be prevented. To schedule your next dental checkup, fill out our appointment form online or give us a call!

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