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Crowns & Bridges, Polk City, FL

At Northside Family Dental, one of our specialties is crowns & bridges!

Crowns & Bridges, Polk City, Florida

Crowns & Bridges in Polk City – At Northside Family Dental, we specialize in a variety of different family dentist services. If you are in the Polk City, Florida area and need dental fillings, dentures, dental implants, or implant restorations, we guarantee that we can take care of your needs and ensure the health and vitality of your teeth. However, one of our specialties at our elite practice is crowns & bridges.

While many people think crowns & bridges are the same thing, they are actually very different. A crown is used to completely cover a damaged tooth. Our dentist may recommend a crown if:

  • There isn’t enough tooth left to replace a large filling
  • There is a weak tooth in your mouth that may break
  • A dental implant or root canal needs to be covered
  • You want to cover up a poorly shaped or discolored tooth

In comparison, bridges are used to cover up gaps due to missing teeth. When a dental bridge is installed, it is cemented to the missing tooth area between two existing teeth or dental implants.

One of the most beneficial features of both crowns & bridges is that they are often strong enough to last a lifetime. However, to protect the lifespan of any crowns or bridges in your mouth, it is essential that you practice good dental hygiene. This means visiting the dentist regularly and brushing and flossing consistently. The next time you come into our office for your bi-annual dental checkup, ask your dentist or hygienist what dental health tips they have for you regarding the best ways to increase the longevity of the crowns & bridges in your mouth.

For more information on dental crowns and bridges, contact us today!

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