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GettyImages_177257483-Dental ImplantsThere are many reasons for a tooth to become damaged, including infection and trauma, but the compromise of a tooth is no doubt frustrating.  Dental professionals often try many measures to keep your tooth and root intact, but sometimes the damage is too much.  At this point, there are a few options to successfully refresh your smile.  Dental implants are one of them.

We have created a short list of the basic pros and cons of dental implants.  If you are considering this treatment, contact a dental professional today.


  • Dental implants are a great solution when only one tooth is compromised.  If the teeth surrounding the damaged tooth are in good shape, a dental implant will provide a solution for a single damaged tooth.
  • Dental implants look and function like your original tooth.
  • Dental implants are also one of the only solutions for when the root of the tooth has been damaged beyond basic procedural repair.
  • Dental implants are not associated with obnoxious clicking noises or falling out of place.  This is an important note for public speakers. They are secure and permanent.


  • The process to receive a dental implant can take anywhere between three and nine months, with several appointments in between.  This is because there are many steps to achieve a dental implant.  You are able to wear a cap during the process, but it will require a significant time commitment from you.
  • Dental implants are one of the more costly solutions because not all insurances cover the procedure.  Check with your local dentist and your insurance to see if you qualify.
  • If you have additional complications, such as moderate to advanced gum disease, there is less chance of long-term success.  Also, older patients may have a harder time recovering from the procedure.