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local dentistCancer is a word that invokes fear in the mind and heart of everyone, and most people recognize that early detection can mean the difference between surviving and succumbing to the disease. One form of cancer doesn’t often come to people’s minds, however, is oral cancer. Sadly, oral cancer can be deadly if not diagnosed and treated in its early stages. Your best chance of catching it early is to discuss an oral cancer screening with your local dentist.

At Northside Family Dental, your local dentist in Lakeland, FL, we will inspect your mouth for tissue changes or lumps in your oral cavity, cheeks, neck and head. We will watch for sores or discolored areas. We will also go over with you the possible warning signs of oral cancer, which may include difficulty chewing or swallowing, hoarseness, tongue numbness, change in bite, soreness in throat, and/or mouth sores that bleed or won’t heal.

Sadly, more than 8,000 people die each year in the United States from oral cancer that could have been caught early by their local dentist. This is just one more reason why a dental exam every six months is a prudent practice. There are many other ways that oral health can and does affect your overall health, so having a dental regimen in place is well worth the time and getting over your anxiety of going to your local dentist. We’re here to help you deal with your anxiety and keep you apprised of anything you may need to be concerned about.