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Dental Health Tips in Lakeland, FL

Quite a few years ago, a dental health study was published in the clinical journal General Dentistry that largely went under the radar and some dentists haven’t even heard about it. That’s rather sad because its results would make a lot of dairy lovers rather happy. The study found a link between consuming cheese and having fewer cavities. They also tested milk and unsweetened yogurt but found that these did not change the pH level of teeth like cheese did.

It has long been known that pH is important and that when the level is above 5.5, there is a lower chance of developing cavities. It is also essential from an overall health perspective to have a high level of pH. When the pH is lower, tooth erosion that wears away the enamel is more likely and dental health is compromised. The theory is that eating cheese makes you salivate more because of the sialogogue that is naturally found in cheese. This moves pH in the right direction. It is also theorized that when the cheese sticks to the enamel, it protects it from harmful acidic drinks and foods. Cheese also contains casein phosphate, which aids in strengthening teeth.

Of course, eating cheese is no substitute for regular dental health care. When you want to be certain you’ve done all you can to have the healthiest mouth possible, give us a call at Northside Family Dental in Lakeland, Florida. We’ll help you keep a beautiful smile, so you can “say cheese” for photos with complete confidence.