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Four Things to Look for in a New Dental Office

Finding a new dental office can be stressful and overwhelming. You don’t want to go to a new dental office and find out halfway through your appointment that they are not confident in their dental practices or that they have a terrible bedside manner. To help you choose the best dental office for you and your family, we have put together a list of four things you should look for in any dental office before visiting them.

  1. Insurance – If you have dental insurance, you should familiarize yourself with your dental plan. You will want to make sure the dental office you choose is within your insurance network.
  2. Location – This isn’t the most important thing to look for, but it may be an important one if you have a busy schedule and need to see the dentist on your lunch break or while you have a babysitter. If having your dental office close to your home or work is important, then you can narrow down your list of possible dentists by location.
  3. Recommendations – Asking family and friends what dental office they use or if they have heard of the one you are thinking of using can be really useful. They can give you first-hand feedback on their experiences with that dental office. Reading online reviews can also be helpful to see what other patients’ experiences have been like at that specific dental office.
  4. Consultation – It is perfectly fine to ask to meet for a consultation before scheduling your first dental appointment. This will give you the opportunity to get a feel for the office staff, environment, dental hygienists, and the dentist.