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Family Dentist ServicesEven though a great deal about your oral health can be determined by the trained naked eye, there are some things that cannot be ascertained in this manner. For these things, dental x-rays are needed, which is why they are included in family dentist services.

At Northside Family Dental, we use dental x-rays to check for tooth decay that is located under your fillings, between your teeth or other unseen places.

We also look for infections in the bones of your mouth. Furthermore, x-rays give us the ability to compare with past records to determine if there are changes going on in your mouth. This can be especially helpful when watching the dental development of children. They can also be used to determine if there is a problem with an impacted or unerupted tooth. In rare instances, x-rays can even be used to diagnose cysts and tumors.

Because there is some risk with any type of x-ray, we only use them as needed as part of our family dentist services. Generally, a set is taken during your first visit, but if you had them taken recently elsewhere, you should provide us with copies. These are essential for evaluation and setting a foundation for future comparisons.

The benefits involved with taking x-rays far outweigh the potential dangers, so they are still routinely used by most family dentist services in the Lakeland, FL area and beyond. If you have any concerns, or are pregnant, be sure to discuss such with our office.