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At What Age Is it Safe to Consider Dental Implants for Children?While it’s understandable that no parent wants to see their child with a missing tooth, along with the fact that it is now widely recognized that dental implants are an ideal solution because they provide longevity, strength and aesthetically pleasing results, dental implants are not usually suitable for children below a certain age.

The reason for them not being suitable, certainly in children up until their late teens, is that the jaw, like the rest of the body, hasn’t yet fully developed. If a dental implant was placed into the jaw of a child who is still growing, it is very probable that it will lead to problems in later life. In fact, it could hinder jaw growth altogether or cause the jaw to develop unevenly.

Along with any resultant deformity, this would also prevent the child’s teeth from growing in the right positions, creating the need for more dental work further down the line – for example, orthodontics.

While the age at which children can get dental implants varies, it is essential to follow your dentist’s advice on the matter. Generally, it is considered that boys should wait until around the age of 18 years while, for girls, this may be younger. These ages are merely guidelines and should not be taken as factual because children develop at different speeds. The only person who can assess when dental implants are a safe, suitable solution for children is a dentist. Until such time, the typical alternative is to make a denture to replace the missing tooth/teeth.

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