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Dental Health Tips, Polk City, FL

4 dental health tips to keep your teeth in good condition between dental checkups at our office

Dental Health Tips in Polk City, FloridaDental Health Tips in Polk City – Here at Northside Family Dental, we are committed to your oral health. We help patients in the Polk City, Florida area by serving the dental needs of you and your family. While we love seeing you every six months, we’d like to offer you a few dental health tips to keep your teeth in the best condition possible in the time between dental checkups.

Dental Health Tips:

  1. Start ‘em young– Many parents wait too long to bring their kids in to see us! We recommend bringing your kids in before their third birthday. Teaching your kids the importance of brushing can begin as soon as their first tooth comes in.
  2. Flossing every day keeps the decay away– Studies have proven that brushing in combination with flossing is much better than brushing alone. Floss is designed to get in the tight spaces in between the teeth and get out the bacteria that may lead to tooth decay and eventually cavities.
  3. Your teeth are what you eat– Everyone knows sugar is bad for your body, but it’s even worse for your teeth! Frequently eating sugary food has a big impact on your dental health. If you eat something with high sugar content, rinse your mouth after or chew some sugar-free gum. Drinking too much wine or chewing tobacco can also be very detrimental. Sometimes simply monitoring what you are eating can really help improve your teeth’s health.
  4. Be picky about your toothpaste– Find a toothpaste with some fluoride. You don’t want to use too much fluoride to protect your teeth’s enamel, but a little makes a big difference. Be cautious when letting your children use toothpaste with fluoride and try to change your tooth brushes at least three times a year.

We’ll do our part to keep your pearly whites beautiful when you come to see us. Following these dental health tips in between visits will make a better experience for all of us!

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